Subscriptions - The Hitch Concept Subscription Box

Starting July 1, customers will be able to sign up for our monthly subscription service. Each month, you will receive one of our gift boxes that include products based on the current season, trends, etc. There are 5 packages to choose from. 

  1. Candle Package
  2. Wax Melt Package
  3. Bath & Body Package
  4. Candle and Bath & Body Butter Package
  5. Variety Package

These carefully curated packages are only available via subscription which will save you time and money.  Your package will be shipped to your doorstep on the 10th of every month, ensuring that you will always have fresh products in your arsenal and never have to worry about running out.  It is the perfect way to test out new products that you've been wanting to try.

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The Hitch Concept Team